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Notary Fees

Mortgage Related Services:

  • Single First Mortgage Residential Loan Signing - $175

  • First + Second Mortgage Loan Signing - $275

  • Commercial Mortgage Loan Signing - Contact for Quote

  • Loan Application Signing - $100 to $150

Law Office Related Services:

  • Client Intake, Authorization Signing - $185-$250

  • Settlement Signing - $185-250

Other Notarial (Personal & Commercial) Services:

  • $15 Per Signature Per Person + Mobile Notary Travelling Fee

*Please note that mobile notary travelling fee varies depends on the distance between our available notary to the assignment location and the time of the day (rush hour, non rush hour, after hours etc). Please call or text 510-737-8184 for an actual quote or email us at

Courier Service:
Depends on the distance of the assignment and the target hours, please contact us for a direct quote.

***Additional fees for Scanbacks, Additional Print Outs, Drop Off, Odd Hour Signing may apply***

*Please note that we need to receive payment prior to the assignment for all non-mortgage, no law office related assignments. We accept the following manner of payment,

Payment Options:
Paypal, Venmo, ApplePay, Credit Card, Personal Check, Cashier’s Check

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